• 1. It is a municipal service of direct and free attention that depends on the Department of Commerce of the City Council of Roda de Berà.
  • 2. Its aim is to inform and advise the citizens of Roda de Berà on any issue or problem that may affect them as consumers.

WHAT DOES the OMIC of Roda de Berà do?

  • 1. Information and guidance to consumers on the rights of the consumer or user.
  • 2. Technical advice on queries and complaints on any consumer matter.
  • 3. Processing of complaints and claims before the competent administrative bodies in this matter.
  • 4. Mediation between the parties for the resolution of claims, trying to get the company / establishment and user to reach an amicable agreement, reaching a practical, quick and effective solution for both parties.
  • 5. Promotion of the necessary measures to avoid situations of consumer helplessness, through awareness, education and training in consumer matters.


For information and advice, you can contact any citizen who has any questions or problems that may affect them as consumers.


The Consumer Code of Catalonia establishes the concept of consumer, determines that it is natural or legal persons who purchase something or use a service as final consumers, for their own consumption, use, profit or expense. IF YOU CAN CLAIM IF YOU BUY A BOOK TO READ, A WASHING MACHINE TO WASH YOUR CLOTHES So who can't claim the OMIC? They cannot claim those who do not act as final consumers and acquire any product or use any service to produce other goods or products or to resell them, integrating them into marketing processes to third parties. YOU CANNOT CLAIM IF YOU BUY A BOOK FROM THE PUBLISHER TO SELL IT AT YOUR BOOKSTORE OR PURCHASE WASHING MACHINES FOR YOUR DRY CLEANING BUSINESS


  • 1. RIGHT TO INFORMATION If you have any questions about buying a product or using a service, please inquire first. At the OMIC, they advise and report on all issues related to consumption.
  • 2. RIGHT TO HEALTH AND SAFETY PROTECTION Products and services intended for consumption must not pose a danger to the health and physical safety of those who consume or use them. Poor food or overcrowded premises carry risks. Don’t take them on and denounce them.
  • 3. RIGHT TO THE PROTECTION OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INTERESTS Before buying a product or using a service, you have the right to know how much the items on sale will cost you. These must have the price displayed in front of the public; in addition, whenever you request a service, request a quote first. And don’t always forget to ask for an invoice or purchase ticket.
  • 4. RIGHT TO COMPENSATION FOR DAMAGES If you do not agree with what you have purchased or believe you have been deceived, CLAIM. The OMIC helps it to channel its claims, encouraging the dialogue and amicable settlement of disputes, using mediation or arbitration, when the parties involved so accept.
  • 5. RIGHT TO PROTECTION IN SITUATIONS OF INFERIORITY OR DEFENSE It is for this reason that public administrations draft regulations that regulate the issue of the rights of consumers and users from the point of view of the latter and not from the point of view of the companies, as they consider that companies are in a position of advantage and it is the consumers who must be protected.
  • 6. RIGHT TO PARTICIPATION AND REPRESENTATION Consumers have the right to participate, be consulted and represented through consumer associations, in all matters related to consumption. These associations also serve as channels for the exercise of individual and collective rights of consumers.

WHAT issues can they help me with?

  • What warranty does a repair currently have?
  • How often do I have to do the gas check? Do I have an obligation to let the gas inspector pass?
  • What should I do if I find calls to 806, 807, etc. on my phone bill?
  • I bought a product. What guarantee do I have?
  • In a period of sales can an establishment refuse to pay by credit card?
  • Can I return a product I bought online?
  • I want to get a tattoo and a piercing. What are the health regulations that the establishment must comply with?
  • Can the travel agency change the price of the trip that it initially told me?
  • There was a voltage change and my computer broke down. What do I have to do to be compensated?
  • I want to unsubscribe from the telephone service I have contracted but I still get bills. Can I complain? How do I unsubscribe?
  • What is the deadline for notifying my insurance company of a claim?
  • I took a taxi and I don’t agree with the journey the driver has made. Can I demand claim forms from the taxi driver himself?
  • I took the car to the workshop and asked for a quote but the repair seems too expensive to me. Now they tell me I have to pay the budget. Do I have to pay for it even if I decide not to fix it?

Hours and contact

It is necessary to request an appointment by calling Tel. 977 25 17 17.
The OMIC will attend last Thursday of month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Hotel d'Entitats
Carrer Mossèn David Pujol, 2
Roda de Berà