Wellcome to Roda de Berà Business website

Welcome to the Roda de Berà Commerce website. On this platform you can find all the local commercial, restaurant and business establishments in Roda de Berà in one place.

The City Council is constantly working from the Department of Commerce for trade and catering in Rodenca, one of the main economic and living engines of our town. We promote new ideas, promotional campaigns, contests, sweepstakes and trade promotion events to achieve continuous improvement.

Roda de Berà is a small town with a large commercial and hospitality fabric, in which you will find everything you could need without having to leave the town, varied products and for all pockets and tastes.

We invite you to browse this new portal and we hope you find it useful and contribute to a deeper understanding of our commercial sector.

In Roda de Berà, "fem poble!"